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Real Clients. Real Results.

Check this, when you scrollin' through a website, and you peep them client results? Seein' their glow-up? That's the kinda proof you need, boo. It's like seein' your neighbor go from strugglin' to struttin' in some new designer threads. That's real client success, baby, and it doesn't get more legit than that! Check it out.......

So, lemme introduce y'all to this queen, Katrina Roddy, right? She is the one runnin' things at The Corporate Breakup, set up in the heart of the Windy City, Chi-Town, Illinois.

Homegirl got skills on lock, know what I'm sayin'? She’s out here helpin' all y'all biz bosses shake that corporate mentality and step into your entrepreneur game. She's a powerhouse, y'all, real talk! And workin' with her? Nothin' short of magic.

Entrepreneur Coach

The Corporate Breakup

A'ight, let me put ya on game 'bout Rev. Herman Akin. He's the brains behind New Life Youth Foundation, a non-profit holdin' it down in Seattle, Washington.

This foundation? It's all about upliftin' our women and kids, but don't get it twisted, they ain't turnin' no one away who needs a hand. Rev. Akin? He's been holdin' me down since day one, and four years deep, he still be hittin' my line. His foundation is makin' some serious moves in the community, believe that!


New Life Youth Foundation

Alright, y'all, get familiar with my girl Kate Kosydar, the boss lady behind Kate Kosydar Writes. If you're in need of some smooth, crisp copywriting, this is the queen you need on your team.

Kate mainly serves the non-profits, but don't get it twisted, sis can write for any and everybody. She's chill, family-first, and a straight-up dream to work with. And best believe, she's always on her grind, ready to make those boss moves!


Kate Kosydar Writes
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