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The Corporate Breakup

The Corporate Breakup

What I Did...

A'ight, so we kicked this thing off by cookin' up a bangin' business logo and branding board. Once we laid that foundation, baby, the sky wasn't the limit, it was just the view. I got to work, settin' up workflows with them ready-to-go canned emails, form templates, and all that automation magic inside of Honeybook.

But ya girl didn't stop there, nah. I whipped up a sweet lil' freebie and got her Flodesk email marketing system poppin'. We even put together a sales funnel for her coaching workshops, making sure all the systems were integrated nice and tight, so they'd work together smooth as silk.

And, don't get it twisted, I also crafted her membership logo to match that brand. Organized her packages, and schedulers, and even created a members-only area with some more Honeybook automation. Go on, take a peek at the look below!

New Life Youth Foundation


What I Did...

A'ight, here's the lowdown on what ya girl did. First off, I got busy designing a fresh logo and a flyer for his up-and-coming fundraiser. We ain't talkin' just any old designs, boo. These were straight fire, designed to turn heads and get folks talkin'.

Then, I shifted gears and whipped up a branding board that was nothing short of breathtaking. This ain't your average vision board, nah. This was all about defining the vibe of his brand, mapping out the look and feel down to the finest detail.

But I didn't stop there. Next up, I put together a website that was a perfect match. A digital crib that was just as stunning as everything else. Made sure every pixel reflected his brand, making it a place where his audience would wanna hang.

Go on, feast your eyes on the look below! Bet you'll dig it as much as I loved creating it!

Kate Kosydar Writes

Kate Kosydar Writes

What I Did...

Girl, let me spill the tea on how I got things poppin' for my client:

So, I kicked things off by getting HoneyBook in formation for her client management, thinking it was the way to go. But you know what, sometimes you gotta switch lanes. She wanted that next-level automation, and that's when I made the move – transferring all her deets over to Dubsado.

In Dubsado, I brought the magic with workflows that were smoother than a hot comb on a Saturday night. Canned emails, form templates, and automation were all on lock, making her client experience as sweet as a scoop of gelato.

But that's not all, honey! I gave her email templates a glow-up. We're talkin' updates galore to make sure her clients felt like the royalty they are during their copywriting journey.

And, of course, I couldn't resist sprinklin' some design fairy dust. A brand new logo and a sizzlin' branding board to make sure her clientele could spot her brand a mile away.

That's how we roll – all about that top-notch service and brand slayin'.

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