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How To Keep Up With Your Business To-Do List

When it comes to your business there is always something to do. Marketing, meetings, appearances, buying or making products, and so on. However, there is never enough time in the day to handle everything. Oh, and don't be the one that is still working a full-time job while building a business on the side. Can you say overwhelmed?

However, we have got a few tips and tricks here to make sure you get things done! The trick to keeping up with your to-do list is time blocking. Utilize whatever available time you can find and put it to work. Here are a few things you will need to make sure things get done.


You can use a digital calendar or paper whichever one you are comfortable with will work. I would suggest a digital calendar like Google. This is so you will be notified of what you need to be doing even when you are not doing it. You can't get that from a paper calendar!

Calendars help you block off and figure out how much time you have available each week. You would need to be as detailed as possible to find the time you need. Once you have figured out how much time you have available then you would need to categorize the tasks that need to be completed in your business. Fill in the available slots starting with the most important things first.

Hint: It is easier if you block off different days for different tasks i.e. Marketing Day or Social Media Day. This way you stay focused on that certain task and your brain won't be all over the place.

Project Management

Utilizing a project management tool is also a great way to see projects through. There are a few great project management tools on the market that you can use and most of them are free. Here is a list of a few:

Selecting the perfect tool for you may require you to check them all out. I would advise that you find a system that works for you because you will be working out of these two systems daily. Within your project management tool, you would need to set up tasks and subtasks that work well for you to complete the overall project.


This is not a system, this is you making a commitment to your business. If you are not dedicated to growing your empire then you have just read this for nothing.

For more information or help please contact The Virtual Note today!

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