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Hustle Smarter, Not Harder

Your Go-To Hub for Systems, Automation. Business Organization & System Setup for that Non-Techy Business Owner!
Senathia Johnson Owner of The Virtual Note LLC
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What Can I Do For You?

Whether you are just gettin' started or tryna level up your hustle, I got you covered with all the goods. I specialize in brandin', website design, gettin' your business off the ground, handlin' notary stuff, organizing your back office, and settin' you up on HoneyBook. I'm all about helpin' your business blow up and succeed. We are going to join forces and make your vision a reality. So, what you waitin' for?


Customizable services for every stage of business.

We know you've got big dreams and an empire to build, but ain't nobody got time for all those mundane tasks. That's where we come in with our top-tier Virtual Assistant Services. We're your secret weapon for conquering the world, one task at a time.

Virtual Assistance

Our Website Design Services are here to make sure your online presence is as fabulous as you are. We're all about creating a website that's fit for a queen!

Website Design

We know you're all about that hustle and flow, and we're here to make your life sweeter with our HoneyBook Setup Services. It's time to level up your game and streamline your business like a pro.

Honeybook Setup

Our Branding & Logo Services are here to make you stand out in the crowd like the fierce queen you are. We're all about giving your brand the spotlight it deserves!

Branding & Logo

It's time to snatch those career goals and level up your professional game. Our Resume Writing Services are here to make sure your resume is not just any piece of paper—it's a statement of your excellence!

Resume Writing

When it's time to put that official stamp of approval on your documents, our Notary Services are here to make it a chic affair. We're all about adding a touch of elegance to your important paperwork.

Notary Service

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Unlock the Brilliance: Pick My Brain Power Hour & Graphic Design Magic

Hey there, boss babe! Ready to tap into the treasure trove of knowledge and strategies? Our Pick-My-Brain Hour is your ticket to a powerhouse session where you can ask, learn, and conquer. In this one-hour rendezvous, we'll spill the tea on all things business. Whether you're thirsty for system automation secrets, craving help in untangling that back-office chaos, or seeking clarity on crafting the slickest workflows, we've got your back. 

Looking to bring your vision to life? Our Graphic Design Magic service is here to turn your ideas into a flyer, brochure, business card, letterhead, or whatever you need, looking fly as ever.

Got the deets and the content ready? We're all set to make it pop!

Kiaya Johnson Owner of KASH Movement

Kiaya Johnson, KASH Movement

Senathia was great at giving me some tips on how to jumpstart my personal brand. Her humor is one of her strongest assets along with strategic planning! Senathia’s your girl!
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